Grupo Avicola RUJAMAR 100% Plastic-free

At Grupo Avícola Rujamar, we are committed to the environment.

In addition to eliminating cage egg production, we have as a primary objective the total elimination of plastics in all our processes and installations, thanks to the novel implementation of 100% biodegradable recycled cartons in our commitment to reduce 1,000 tonnes of plastic.


Cage-free hens farm. Free-run, free-range or organic eggs. Happy eggs. 

GRANJA AVÍCOLA RUJAMAR, S.L.U. is an agrifood industry operating as a livestock industry,  in the poultry sector. Located in the Municipality of San Lorenzo de la Parrilla, Province of Cuenca, España.

Rujamar experienced an improvement in 2002 by expanding squares layer and incorporating the feed mill, new sorting centre, ship rearing… becoming a dynamic, modern and young company, committed to its customer.

We release installations

A sustainable farm

We are in the process of adaptation through the transformation of our egg production facilities of caged hens to a production of all our eggs by CAGE-FREE HENS.

In Grupo Avícola RUJAMAR, we not only have high-end facilities and suitable technology, rather also our farm is located in a privileged environment.

Fresh CAGE-FREE EGGS, free-range, organic, and free-range truffled eggs…

Fresh eggs

Organic eggs

Free-range eggs

Truffled eggs

We care about our eggs

We are well aware that care and dedication are the only way to make quality products.

The quality, our sense of purpose

RUJAMAR has its own RDI Department, always in continuous contact with the most innovative companies in the market. By doing so, we can develop ever-more effective production processes.

Full safety is the guarantee of our products. Management of the entire production process, since we receive the products until it is shipped to the final customer, is our full responsibility.

Rujamar, a responsible company

We adequately manage the environmental impact, ensure the well-being of our birds and our environment. Also, we support teams and athletes to develop their goals in the world of competitions.

It is our believe in RUJAMAR that a sustainable world begins with a responsible world.
For this reason, our objective is the full production of “CAGE-FREE eggs”.