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We will deal here on CAGE-FREE Eggs, ORGANIC eggs and, in general, al about sustainable farms. 

We will also be up to date on everything happening in the world about the CAGE FREE BIRDS movement.

And of course, taking into account the innumerable benefits eggs contribute to human food, we will share our best cooking recipes.

We believe that a more sustainable and conscious world is feasible, do you join us?

Rubén Martinez; Historia de un gran emprendedor

Entrevista a Rubén Martínez, CEO de Rujamar en la revista Selecciones Avícolas En la revista Selecciones Avícolas han hecho una entrevista a nuestro CEO Rubén Martínez. Un ejemplo de superación personal y de innovación empresarial. En la entrevista, Rubén deja muy...

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