Corporate Social Responsibility is a decisive factor in our company’s strategy.

Beyond performing a good job and achieving the highest quality in our products, in RUJAMAR we take very much into account the environmental impact and social value brought by each of our actions.

In RUJAMAR we support groups such as sports, environmental commitment and the protection of Animal Well-being.

COMMITTED with sports

By encouraging sports we contribute to a more humane society, strengthening one more activity, which through training establishes important union and belonging links.

A society in which RUJAMAR wants to participate, being involved through “sponsorships and collaborations” in various sporting activities and events.

Among the main actions of RUAJAMAR with regard to this matter are sponsorships to teams and championships of:

  • Cycling (Sendas de Cuenca)
  • Soccer team: A D San José Obrero
Cycling – Sendas de Cuenca
Football team A D San José Obrero

COMMMITTED with Animal Well-being

Grupo Avícola RUJAMAR is committed to the well-being and proper management of all the birds we care for.

We focus on exploitation methods that will translate into increased animal well-being and health.

All members of the RUJAMAR team have a binding liability to respect and treat birds with which we work every day in a suitable way.


COMMITTED to Nature and the Environment

The goal of any company is to achieve a continuous and sustainable profit, not only for itself, but also for everything relating to it, for everything is of course interrelated.

This is the reason why in RUJAMAR we jealously apply our environmental policy, analysing and minimizing any incidence in the natural environment, and adapting structures, resources and systems to the requirements in this regard.

We work to maximize energy use of all our constructions, and give an adequate and responsible management to the residues.

RUJAMAR, a conscious company

We adequately manage the environmental impact, ensure the welfare of our birds and our environment and help teams and athletes to develop their goals in the world of competition.
A sustainable world begins with a responsible world.
Our objective is the full production of cage-free eggs.

Are you interested in our products?

If you are also convinced that a more sustainable worlds, fair with animals is possible, we are going to get along very well.