We care about our eggs

Taking care of the quality and freshness of our products until they reach your table is our top priority.

Recognition of our products, both at the consumer and catering world levels is the result of the continuous improvement and optimization of the production processes.

We adapt any type of packaging for all Codes, depending on the needs of each client.

Fresh CAGE-FREE Eggs

Code 2

Our bet for the future

Taking into account the global trend towards the type of production cage-free eggs or Cage-Free, since June 2018 our company is a European reference in this type of production.

We have removed THE PRODUCTION IN CAGE from our facilities

In our bet of total plastics disposal in our facilities; We have developed the new ENOVO packaging, made of recycled cardboard and 100% recycled and biodegradable.


Code 1

Our speciality

We select our best extra fresh XL FREE-RANGE eggs, and we Truffle them.

Available from October to April, from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter; with fresh truffles from Serranías de Cuenca y Teruel.

With an exclusive packaging that will catch your attention.

Top quality Gourmet product.


Code 0

Fresh eggs from hens raised in FREEDOM

We produce Organic eggs, pursuant to specific standards of this type of production set forth by the European Union, according to the regulation on organic production of fresh eggs.

Produced in our core of Honrubia (Cuenca); by the end of 2017 we will have 48,000 birds.

Fresh FREE-RANGE- eggs

Code 1

We give our free-range hens a healthy and balanced diet

Our RUJAMAR FREE-RANGE eggs come from hens bred in freedom, leave outdoors, and receive sunlight; each bird has a space of 4m2. Birds raised this way, as they have contact with nature, take from it many nutrients that will make their eggs a top quality product.

Produced in our cores of Saelices and Honrubia, both in the province of Cuenca; growth to 220,000 birds is forecasted for mid 2018.


Code 2

No preservatives or any kind of additives

Our Liquid CAGE-FREE Egg retains all nutritional and organoleptic properties of the fresh product.

This is an optimal product for the Food Service channel. Ideal for industrial kitchens, while maintaining food security.

We guarantee bacteriological control. This is a homogenized and pasteurized product.

We have containers of 1 kg in tetrabrik and 10 kg in BiB (Bag in Box).


Code 2

Ready to eat

Indicated for the hotel and food industries; presented to the customer in buckets of 70 and 130 units. This is an ideal product to accompany salads, side dishes, snacks, sandwiches, among others.

Extra fresh cooked and peeled eggs from free-run, cage Free hens, very precisely cooked.

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