Committed to Quality and Food Safety

Our RDI Department is in continuous contact with the most innovative companies in the market to develop models that improve our production processes all the time.

From RUJAMAR we want that our concern and commitment to Food Safety and Quality of our products be passed on to our consumers.

Our continually stay up-to-date veterinary team is committed, through its “Quality Management and Food Safety System”, to comply with the established requirements of the International Standard Food Standards (IFS), Based on the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, which gives us an international recognition in the sector.

We guarantee a total safety of our products, and manage and control the entire production process, since we receive the products until it is shipped to the final customer.

We ensure compliance with legal requirements affecting our activity, especially those aimed at ensuring the traceability of our eggs, and the hygienic and sanitary conditions of our facilities.

As we are committed to the Environment, we give an adequate management of waste, and make our workers aware of the “good practices” manual.

Account being taken of all these factors, we offer a future guarantee that only competitive and cutting-edge organizations can offer to the market.

Our quality certificates


Technical specifications of our products

If you want to have access to our technical sheets, you can request your password without any commitment to the email: calidad@rujamar.com