Innovation drives us to greatness

The onset of the activity of RUJAMAR S.L.U. in poultry dates back to 1984, when the Martinez family Hernaiz founded the company.

Rubén Martínez, is the CEO of Rujamar and a reference for young entrepreneurs. He is also one of the main drivers for the total implantation of farms for the production of free-run and cage-free eggs.

Interviews to Ruben in the Selecciones magazine can be seen here. Rubén Martinez; History of a great entrepreneur.
Due to a number of reasons, the Cage-Free movement is plowing ahead in civilized countries, and the reality is that poultry farmers in Spain are called upon to transform their production model into CAGE-FREE HENS.

In RUJAMAR, we arduously work for a greater progress in the well-being of animals.

“A hen must not live in a cage” Rubén Martínez

Poultry is aimed at caring for and raising birds, and in RUJAMAR we make it into Art.

Quality, Tradition and Technology are our postulates to get eggs of the highest quality, and ensure that customers receive products completely fresh.

This has lead to an important investment, and we are undergoing a full transformation process. Our goal for 2018 is becoming the Spanish company leading alternative production.

Poultry not only focuses on bird breeding, but also on protecting their habitat and environment, as it is the space that meets the right conditions so that they can live in freedom and with no stress.

Our goal is to achieve that all our egg production belongs to Code 0: Organic eggs, Code 1: Free-Range, and Code 2: Free-run.

Welcome to the sustainable farm

Forget all you knew about a farm, Rujamar is something else…

To our high-end facilities facilities and suitable technology, we must add an enviable environment: La Serranía Media Conquense.

An area near the river Júcar, and very rich in the cultivation of cereals. This allows us to work closely with producers in the area, and boost local economy.

A sustainable world begins with a responsible world.
Out objetictive is the full production of cage-free eggs.

Are you interested in our products?

If you are one of those convinced that a more sustainable world, fair with animals is feasible, we are going to get along very well.